The allure of duvet covers

A duvet is a bag filled with down, feathers, synthetic or natural stuffing to create a cozy bed covering in lieu of quilts, blankets and bed spreads. Duvet is the French word for down and this down is procured from birds. Duvets are very similar to comforters except they have replaceable and washable covers just like pillowcases.

Usually duvets cannot be washed and this is why it is important to have a cover. Water stains and ruins the inner stuffing of the duvet. However most duvet covers can be laundered and dry cleaned. This keeps the freshness of the duvet intact.

Duvet covers are to be found in almost any home decor store that sells bedding or at an online portal. Duvet covers like other bedding have to fit the size of the bed so double, king and queen are standard sizes. A duvet fitting a double bed must for instance be of double size etc.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of duvet covers is that they are changeable. Some are even reversible with coordinating or matching patterns on them. The home owner can dramatically transform his decor without having to change the furnishings. Duvet covers can be made from a variety of materials such as cotton, silk, satin, micro fiber, rayon and suede. They can be purchased as part of a bedding set, along with sheets, pillow cases and a bed skirt , all in coordinating patterns.

Sometimes it is a bit of a struggle putting on the duvet cover. This is especially true of the king size cover. The easiest way is to spread the duvet flat on the bed, with the cover turned inside out and the bottom seam facing the bottom of the duvet.

Duvet covers vary in price according to the manufacturer. This is also dependent on the materials used . Although they may seem a little pricey , they can be washed and replaced and are therefore worth the investment.

One of the best ways to keep your duvet cover protected is with the use of duvet covers. They completely eliminate the wear and tear of the duvet- which is usually expensive. They most popular duvet covers are in 100 percent Egyptian cotton. It gives you a dreamless sleep . Another popular fabric is the silk duvet. These are very attractive and often come with matching pillow shams and throws.

People who suffer from allergies can now purchase 100 percent chemical free duvet covers . A good duvet cover will protect the duvet from dust mites. The silk duvet is gaining popularity as it is naturally hypoallergenic. It also adds a certain touch of glamour to the room.